Our esteemed guests and friends! Welcome to tavern Skalinada.

 It is an honor to have you in our family restaurant, whose goal is to introduce you to beauty and quality of traditional dishes from Vela Luka, and Dalmatian cuisine. We hope you enjoy this culinary journey with us.

Our specialties


Unique and exciting – you choose and select live one from our aquarium, and we discuss together how would you like it prepared and served to your taste


Freshly caught locally, the best there is. You can have it as an apetizer (salad), cooked under the bell, or fried -with a side of veggies and potatoes

Freash fish

Extra class quality fish – we present daily catch within chilled showcase – for you only the best from the depths of Adriatic sea

Meat on the spit

“Meat on the spit“ – made with best quality , localy grown, lamb, goat or pork meat, prepared and served in a traditional way

Our Gallery

Our News

Opening of restaurant 01.04

Dear Guests, We inform you that this season we open restaurant 01.04 Read More


We offer to organize your special events, such as lunches and dinners, celebrations, christenings,... Read More

About Us

Tavern Skalinada has been having a strong a presence on the gastronomic charts of island Korcula for last 10 years.

This relatively young family restaurant is pushing the inovation limits, trying to convey true look and taste of traditional „Vela Luka“ delicacies,as well as offering you contemporary dishes. We do all that, and more, adding a magic touch of our own Skalinada traits, with our very own signature dishes and family recipes, going back for generations.

We are located at the heart of Dalmatia and middle of the Adriatic sea, so naturally, we offer a beautiful food with a beautiful view.

Our Menu

One of the reasons for popularity of Dalmatian cuisine is in it’s prepration. Not only our food is interesting, colorful and heatlhy, we also prepare it in a very traditional way, that has barely changed over the years. This requires more time to prepare it, but the result is fascinating, both in taste and texture. All our food is prepared fresh, from the start, and exlusively with fresh local produce. Your patience (have another glass of vine or “ rakija“ ) will be rewarded in true sense of what we beleive in: „ it is either perfect or it is not good at all“ .

Some of our specialties are:

“Meat on the spit“ – made with best quality
„Peka-meat or octopus under the bell“
 Lobster – European lobster and spiny lobster
 Freash fish – extra class quality
 Fresh sea shells and mussels
 Octopuss – freshly caught locally
 Scampi- 1st class, prepared in multitude of ways Squids
 Beef steak – Our Chef pride and specialty
 T-bone and Rump steak – prepared to your wish
 Seafood pasta – Chef’s most creative signaure dish
Zrnovski makaruni with seafood – Locally made specialty pasta